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A shop filled of wonders and kept by a passionate man of refinement that is reflected in his unique Artefacts. One discovers there candlesticks of the 19th century, a sculpted wood mirror with silver leaf, glass skulls, pairs of lamps with terracotta base, consoles, ivory statuettes, Japanese vases, a painted bronze candlestick, wig globes, paintings… A shop where one likes to spend when you love beautiful things with stories.
Between curiosities and antiques… Kin Liou is a dangerous store for me! It is located close to my showroom in Paris and I spend regularly. The owners have assembled here a stunning collection of small objects: mainly Austrian bronzes but also rabbits that I collect frantically.
Sir Paul Smith Reviews,
Charming artefacts… Kin, above all, is a delightful friend who has a real meaning of the object. His findings also go well in conventional apartments, as in the very contemporary places. That is its strength! This place has a charm that is found nowhere else. Kin Liou, at 81 rue du Bac, 7th. Subway “Rue du Bac”.
Sabine Haudepin Reviews, A Femina Magazine article
Special Paris… a different take: In this veritable Ali Baba’s cave, Mr. Liou offers oriental antiques, as “Orientalist” European origin. Kin Liou, at 81 rue du Bac, 75007 Paris. Phone (+33)1 45 48 80 85.
Follow the charm… Blow of heart and whim are the two Kin Liou criteria. Candlesticks, lamps, inkwells or inkstand, tobacco jars, curiosities, etc… Son of Chinese, passionate about Turkish’s, precious objects and wonders from the age of the colonies, this antiquarian selects each of his objects as if it were intended for him.
His predilection for the rarities of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries, gives this small cave in the rue du Bac, an Orientalist turn, evidenced by an ancient perfumes burner converted to flower display stand (Aluminium bronze embellished with baked paint enamelled effect). Chic and Turkish!
Philippe Chancel
Unique objects to grasp… For lovers of antiques and unique Objects full of charm, the store of Parisian antiquarian Kin Liou is a mine with its amazing array of incredible objects. This shop offers a lush profusion of small items for the most unique: regulates lamps polychrome subject, often Orientalists, inkwells in all shapes, small charming paintings, unusual and rare Objects. A visit is required before any purchase of gifts for the end of year!
Gunnar Pettersson
I just bought a painting 19th at the Kin Liou shop this weekend… I want to say how much I’m charmed!… Other items in the shop: irresistible candlesticks 19th, bronzes, sculpted mirrors… and what about the many ornaments that will enchant your home!
georges calvo,
The addresses of Laure in Paris
For nice gifts? Kin Liou, rue du Bac, shop of beautiful antiques (paintings, lamps or candlesticks). Ideal to offer unique items!
Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre Reviews,
A nous deux, Paris: The ecstasy at Kin Liou shop, I love choosing gifts for my friends. There are all prices and one finds original things. The store is an Ali Baba’s cave with a lot of charming objects…
Georgina Brandolini Reviews, Valentino muse for 22 years. Georgina knows the Rue du Bac as his pocket.
Kin Liou, since the time I hear about him… I finally went there and I discovered a fantastic universe! Antiques of great finesse, charming objects and the advice of the owner.
For my part, I found there pretty 19th bronze candlesticks as well as a burn-perfumes that perfectly decorate my small living room, bringing the finishing touch and fabulous charm.
Laurence Chalaffre
Here is another endearing character that I visit regularly. In his small shop, I find not only the inspiration when I look for a gift, but also objects of charm to complete our decorations, such as ivory turtles, Orientalist candlesticks, carved wooden mirrors, 19th Inkstand. The little extra is the package which is superb and feels delicious good. Kin Liou wraps the object in a black and red crepe paper which he perfumes. So elegant!
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