Kin Liou welcomes you to his shop in the rue du Bac, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. In the heart of Paris, then, antiquities and ancient artefacts; A singular collection and a unique style of charming artefacts at your disposal.

Before coming to the shop in Paris Center, you can appreciate on the website “Kin Liou”, the artefacts exhibited in shop and to inspire you with the last antiques: lamps, mirrors, paintings, candlesticks, sculptures, trinkets and sights, restored and sublimated. Whether for your interior, a particular decoration such as the decoration of a showroom, an event, a shop, theatre decoration… or simply to offer something truly special and timeless, you will not miss Kin Liou has no idea!

Here is what is said about Kin Liou and his shop: “Shop full of wonders and held by a passionate man, a refinement that feels in its unique pieces. There are 19th century candlesticks, a mirror Wooden carved in silver sheets, glass skulls, pairs of lamps with terracotta base, consoles, ivory statuettes, Japanese vases, painted bronze chandelier, wig balls, paintings… A shop where one likes to spend when one likes the beautiful things with stories”,

Or “Unique artefacts to be seized… For lovers of antiques and unique objects full of charm, the shop of Parisian antique dealer Kin Liou is a mine with its amazing choice of incredible artefacts. Proposes a profusion of small artefacts, most of them unique, like regular lamps with a polychrome subject, Orientalists, inkwells of all shapes, small charming paintings, rare and unusual artefacts… A visit is required before any purchase of gifts for the end of year”.

As you can imagine, among all the antique dealers in Paris and the decoration artefacts stores, Kin Liou distinguishes itself by offering you unique artefacts, ancient artefacts, charming artefacts. Authenticity, quality and beauty are the key words that come first to qualify decorative objects when the name of Kin Liou is evoked

More than antiques, rare and precious artefacts are exhibited “at Kin”, where refinement, elegance, charm and nobility are omnipresent… the reflection of the Parisian lifestyle.

Renowned craftsmen are important actors involved in the restoration of most of the artefacts put up for sale, and for some of them, with a particular note such as a base or pedestal, a patina, a specific frame, a Gilding with 18 carat gold leaf, a typical presentation… all these artisans of art participate to sublimate the elements of decoration that you will find in shop.